VMA Recap

To make one thing clear, I normally don’t care about the VMAs, but this year’s performance was so uncomfortable, that I felt it was worth mentioning.

Do we just let this woman do whatever she wants, now? My number 1 question about this whole thing is if the producers had any idea she would be doing this, let alone staying in character for the entirety of the VMAs.

This brings us to a more important question of did the producers of this show actually spend more than a week preparing this? Did they have an intern write out the nominee introductions 20 minutes before the show on a cocktail napkin? Did they tell Lady Gaga that she “had 15 minutes to just fill with whatever and please don’t tell us what it is we want to be surprised?”


Katy Perry! Who do you think you are? What a rude hat to wear at an awards show! Who cares about the less famous people sitting behind you, right? Also, is that shirt something you stole from one of the Rugrats? Get out of here.

BUT, other than how messy the whole thing was and how uncomfortable Lady Gaga made me, there were bright spots.

It pains me to say that for the last couple years it’s looked a lot like people were just taking Britney to appearances, propping her up and letting people take pictures. At the VMAs, though, she had a little life behind those eyes. Also, and I can’t be sure, it looked like she had a little tear in her eyes during the tribute performance. Maybe I just wished she did.

Katy Perry, are you embarrassed? You should be. Jessie J sang Firework like the Fierce Angel of Belting she is, and put you and your cheese hat to shame. If you like Katy Perry, but you really, really like people with talent, you’ll just love Jessie J.

Oh, Queen B. I’ve always liked Beyonce, but that performance was royalty. Then that mic drop. The pregnancy pants. That laugh and head tilt. I can’t even.


3 thoughts on “VMA Recap

  1. Totally agreed-Jessie J killed it!
    Lady Gaga is freakin ridiculous and annoying, and is it just me or did her Kramer impersonation make you extremely uncomfortable too?
    She’s talented but her music is shitty and commercial. She should spend less time getting dressed in beef and telling us we were born that way and more time playing piano.

    • yesss the kramer impression! it all has me squirming! the funny thing is, in casual interviews on late night shows or whatever, i think she has a great sense of humor and she’s fun, but I can’t handle her trying to out do herself at awards shows.

      the only thing that makes me more uncomfy though are “little monsters”- those kids are rabid! I just enjoy my gaga music at the gym, but that’s about it.

  2. hell yeah,did you noticed that Katy’s hat look like something ’bout mind control?i mean it is the same when we wanna choose our player when we played the Sims..

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