Potted Flowers

I bought a bunch of mini potted plants at Target a while back with the noble intention of giving them out to my friends as some sort of Valentine’s Day present. This didn’t end up happening, so now I have, like, 10 mini plants on my hands that I might as well plant and enjoy for myself.

Just look at that nature! These are mini roses, which are SO CUTE… Little doll roses. It’s really clever of the earth when they have one thing, like, bananas or in this case, roses, and then make a tiny version for no reason. Earth has such a sense of whimsy.

I’m surprised that this actually worked. This is probably some sort of shining example of what’s wrong with the world that I take for granted that nature can actually produce things all by itself.

Like, I know that plants and all that grow from a seed that is planted and watered, but still, I was skeptical. A day after planting it, nothing had happened, and I thought, “well, that’s that! This isn’t how plants are made, anymore!” But then, suddenly, there it is!

I think everyone should get a little pot of heaven-at-work. You might end up being more appreciative of nature. I think Oprah and Eckart Tolle would be really jazzed about my new appreciation for nature and life’s little miracles (if you don’t get this reference you should read A New Earth while you grow a plant and sit in your meditation chair).


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