Sport Eating Beach Field Trip

I’m so very lucky to have been birthed by a lady who will drive great lengths for food (usually of the fried or pastry variety). So, for no reason my mom and I drove an hour to the beach to get a bunch of food.

My grandmother says this sign used to say something along the lines of “Salisbury Beach: No Dogs, Jews, or Blacks,” but no one asked me to leave, so I think they’re cool with it now.     German fries. If I were on the “Best Thing I Ever Ate” my list would include: German fries, a brie sandwich from the Baltimore airport, and a Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit from the TX fast food chain Whattaburger, so uh, ya, you can call me a foodie.    What we came home with: cannoli, pizza, caramel corn, salt water taffy, cotton candy, cellulite.

8 thoughts on “Sport Eating Beach Field Trip

    • Oh wow, I bet that was way nicer than the beach I went to. It’s like the Jersey Shore of New England. Not exactly the most beautiful place- lots of cigarette butts and I imagine some hypodermic needles hidden in the sand.

  1. You come by this naturally. Unk & I went to a fair on Thursday just to eat. We had French fries, Fried dough, Chocolate Frappe (made with chocolate ice cream AND chocolate milk), Fancy Nancy flavor by Blakes (orange ice cream with chocolate chunks), Coke and water. All in 2 hours. But once Unk drove to Lake Placid NY from Wilton just for pecan cinnamon rolls. Darryl drives from Hillsboro to Crosby’s in Nashua for doughnuts and then brings them to Goshen. We are alll sick foodies.

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