Flipping Out Episode 1 Recap

We open on Season 5 of Flipping Out with a montage of Jeff yelling at various employees, which serves as our recap of what happened last season. Jeff, the former house flipper and now interior designer, is anal and has a temper. You’re up to speed.

In the beginning of the episode Jeff is admonishing his housekeeper, our beloved Zoila, for touching the wall. Jeff then reveals that he has moved out of his Valley Oak house and is renting a home. This is all unimportant, until we get to the “You more lucky” fight that has been playing on a loop for the past month in promos for the show. Jeff and Zoila go back and forth about who is more lucky- Zoila for working for Jeff, or Jeff for having Zoila working for him. The back and forth is exactly as satisfying as I’d hoped. For the record, they’re both more lucky. They’re the best couple on TV.

In the next scene we have a brief brush with Trace, Jeff’s intern turned full time employee. Basically, we just hear about how Trace now has to sit next to Jeff because he was sending personal emails. Trace and his expressionless face have nothing else to contribute to the episode.

We’re introduced to what will probably be an ongoing plot regarding Sarah, Jeff’s sister-in-law and design associate, and how she is more or less useless and should have been fired a year ago.

Can we speak honestly right now? Sarah seems like a very lovely woman, but someone needs to gently tell her that she needs to ease up on that make up during her interviews. It’s like, she looks very pretty in all the scenes and then they cut to her interview and suddenly you’re slapped in the face by brown lipstick! It reminds me of Lindsay Lohan’s mug shots. The first one she’s not expecting doesn’t look too bad, then when she does back to jail and she knows she’ll be photographed and suddenly she feels the need to lay on the bronzer. If we can learn anything from Sarah and Lindsay, it’s that less is more, ladies!

I digress. Next we see Jeff yelling at Jenni for telling him his grandmother called. I get it. Who has time for the elderly when you’re running a business? Jenni was asking for it. Jeff and Jenni take a drive and we are introduced to some clients: Marlo, who originally employed Jeff to redesign her home to sell so she could move into a bigger home with her fiance. Instead, they break up and Jeff is redesigning her home to live in. By herself. Her bitterness is palpable, and the entire episode she looks like she’s teetering on the edge of a break down.

The face of a desperate woman.

We briefly hear about some other projects, the Fuller remodel, Durand remodel, and the Cole/Chaz Dean salon remodels in LA in NYC. Then we meet another client Jeanne, which surely she’ll pop up in later episodes but for now the only thing we know about her is that she “f*cking hates” mediterranean design. Another client shown, Laura is edited to appear to be a crazy cat lady.

Finally, we are introduced to Jeff’s newest employee, Gage, which appears to be Seth Meyers’ Arian brother.

Oh, and he’s Jeff’s boyfriend. Wait, can we have another talk? Gage and Trace? Are you really trying to tell me that those are human names and not some sort of construction tools? Did their parents give them these names because they knew they would grow to be gay men in the house remodeling business, or did they change their names when they knew they were gay men interested in the remodeling business? So many questions I fear will never be answered.

Gage discusses Jeff’s itinerary for the weekend where he will be San Francisco Design Center’s keynote speaker for Design Week. Jeff is scheduled to speak for an hour, and the Design Center people are trying to milk Jeff and get an appearance at a cocktail party and a luncheon, but Gage can only convince Jeff to go to the cocktail party.

Another digression. Okay, so then it’s revealed Gage and Jeff have been dating for 2 years and that Gage is 26 and Jeff is 40. Though, Gage says he doesn’t feel the age difference because Jeff can be so immature. Really? I would have thought it’s because there is no way Gage is 26. I’ll take 36, so in that case I can see why he doesn’t notice a big difference in age.

Back to Marlo’s crumbling life situation: it’s taken over 3 weeks to finish her remodel when she was told it should take 2 weeks. The contractors are slowing down the process, and Sarah isn’t much help to Jeff in trying to motivate them into getting the work done on time. Marlo is white knuckling it at this point.

Jeff, Gage, and Jenni leave for San Francisco in a private jet (which I’m pretty sure is the designated Bravo jet that Bethenny Frankel used on Bethenny Ever After) and then head off to the cocktail party in Jeff’s honor. After working the room he is confronted by Lisa, someone connected to one of the sponsors for Design Week, who looks something like a drunk Carrie Mulligan with 15 years of bitter tacked on.

The only pic I could find of Lisa was the back of her head.

She freaks at Jeff for canceling the luncheon scheduled for the next day, that was apparently for her clients and contacts. The real scene stealer, though, was the look on the face of the lady watching this whole thing go down.

The next day, Jeff does his onstage interview and invites Jenni on stage at the end, which is edited to be a touching moment between the two of them. Gage speaks with Lisa after the interview, apologizing again. Lisa must have sobered up by this point because she’s acting like a civilized human. Back at home Sarah is continuing to be useless by not making the contractors do anything, and then gets yelled at by the broken down Marlo.

Jeff, Jenni, and Gage return home, and there’s a cute non-worked related scene between all of the employees where Jeff tells Zoila he wants to adopt her, and Gage will be her new mommy. Except we find out little Zoila is jealous of Gage and was afraid Jeff would fire her after Gage moved in.

Then it returns back to the subject of Sarah’s ineptitude, when Jeff goads her into standing up to contractor Chris, in person and on the phone. She fails at both, which prompts a conversation with Gage about firing her. Why are we still talking about this? Can we just fire her and move on?

3 thoughts on “Flipping Out Episode 1 Recap

  1. Just found your site today!!! Love it!! And I love Jeff Lewis, so glad he’s back!! Although I am not liking this Gage guy one bit

  2. I think Gage is handsome & sexy. He should think twice about having children with Jeff, who is unhinged. Just let him find someone younger than Gage like he threatened.

    By the way, Zoila is useless.

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