Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream

Guys, this is a real game-changer. Wine Ice Cream. 5% alcohol. Right now it seems to only be available in DC and NY, so I need to figure out how to make it myself. Apparently, it’s some sort of secret recipe because you can’t just dump a bag of Franzia in an ice cream maker full of milk and call it a day. There’s a chocolate cabernet flavor! What am I supposed to do? Sit idly by while something called chocolate cabernet ice cream exists without me trying it?? I might have to relocate to NY or DC just so I have this at my disposal whenever I need it.

3 thoughts on “Mercer’s Wine Ice Cream

  1. Their site says the ship it…but I wonder how much that costs!

    Are you having a party? Looking for a special gift? Keep in mind, we ship our products overnight on dry ice to any where in the USA! Call us at 866.637.2377 to place your order.

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