Sookie Stackhouse Novels

 I’ve never read a fictional novel series before (sorry, not true, I’ve read The Babysitters Club and all the different Sweet Valley books because I’m a proud American female), but I just started reading the first book in the Sookie Stackhouse series.

So far, I really like the book, and the show True Blood was based off it. Mostly, this is just a great alternative to reading Twilight because you know I’m a little jealous that I didn’t have any vampire books to read, but I just couldn’t bring myself to reading it.


2 thoughts on “Sookie Stackhouse Novels

  1. I’ve read (most) of the Sookie books…but I get bored with the series sometimes (besides, I want to punch Bill Compton in the face. badly.) So instead I picked up the new Sweet Valley books (SV Confidential). Pllleeeeaasse tell me you’ve read it. It’s every bad lifetime movie infused with the sweet valley stereotypes come to life.

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