Obsessed With: Sephora Blemish Extractor

I realize that this is the second Monday in a row that I have been obsessed with something pore related, but that should just indicate what a full time job it is to take care of this situation I’m dealing with.

I don’t know if you’ve ever seen the episode of Sex and the City when the girls are talking about their “secret single behavior” that they do by themselves, but couldn’t let a man see if they were living with a guy. Using this extractor is my shameful single behavior that might keep me from ever living with a man (other than the fact that having to share a room–and with a boy no less– sounds like the wooorst). Seriously, I don’t even let my friends see me use this, it’s disgusting, but I have to do it because it works so well.

When I get facials I’m always tempted to bring this with me and just ask them to extract my blackheads with this because you get so much more traction than when they use their clumsy, vienna sausage fingers. I just think it would be heavenly to have someone actually extract my face FOR me and with a big magnifier and some professional lighting over my face. I could always just get a lighted magnifying mirror, but looking at pores in that would just get me upset, so I would need a third party to do it for me. I would never actually ask for this, though because I don’t need anyone else thinking I’m weird. I don’t know why they don’t just have these in the first place at spas and just sanitize it after… I’m getting ahead of myself.

Anyway, I highly recommend buying this at Sephora for $16, but be warned you’re going to get obsessed and spend an extra 20 minutes in the mirror every night. (Click on “Sephora Collection” to buy).


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