Donut Dip in Western Mass

 I went out to Western Mass with my family to go to my cousin’s baby shower. Since I was kid, on the way to my cousin’s house we would always drive by Donut Dip. At the time I must have had some sort of brain injury that went undetected because I thought I didn’t like donuts and thus never insisted we stop there. Now that I’m a seasoned binge eater, I love donuts, and am on a personal quest to make them the new cupcakes.

So, we went to the baby shower, and God bless my family, there was an open bar. (Side note: My dad’s side of the family is Jewish, and I would just like to say a little something in defense of the chosen people. I get super annoyed when people seriously say that Jews are cheap because you will be hard-pressed to find any sort of Jewish wedding without an open bar, proving that as a people, we are not cheap, and we like to party. I’ve been to many a goyim wedding where it’s cash bar. As if all your guests WANT to be there. I just spent $100 on your stupid gravy boat you will never use, I’d like a free vodka soda, a-hole!)

Anyway, we stopped by Donut Dip on the way out of town and due to the open bar situation, I was just loosey goosey enough to insist on getting about 6 different donuts. I also took a bite out of every donut before I passed them out to the rest of my family in the car. My parents love this about me. Every time they buy or make baked goods, they can expect a bite out of each one. They think it’s so cute. Riiiiiight?

The donuts were great especially this little jelly stick above. There were no crazy donuts, no use of bacon and maple, which is a points deduction, but this place is more retro/traditional, and I can respect that. If you’re ever in Western Mass I definitely recommend this place. If. you’re ever. in Western Mass.

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