Lululemon and Target Babydoll Tops

So, like I said in yesterday’s post I’ve started a 30-day challenge at my Bikram yoga studio (I finished day 2 today). If you don’t know anything about Bikram, basically it’s an hour and a half of wanting to die in a 105 degree room, which means I plan on being dehydrated and frail for the entire month of June.

I needed a new top to wear because I’ve just been wearing the same one every class then washing it at night, and I need to keep up with all the rich housewives who come in with their lululemon coordinating outfits. I saw the lululemon top above and thought it would be the perfect yoga top that not only hides the remnants of my recent junk food bender that lasted a solid two weeks (I just graduated college, I’m allowed to eat my feelings for little while!) like a loose t-shirt, but is still a tank top, which is crucial in hot yoga.

Instead of being an insane person and buying the lululemon version (I’m not Jennifer Aniston, y’all! I ain’t made of money!), I found a lovely alternative at Target.

Okay, anyway, I’m gonna go drink a gallon of water and try to make it up the stairs to bed.



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