I started a 30 Day Challenge for Bikram yoga/being healthy today, so yesterday I ate like I was about to go hibernate for the rest of the decade. This eating free-for-all included a meal at UBurger in Boston with my mom. I got the original UBurger with the “special sauce,” also known as Thousand Island Dressing, fries, and a mint Oreo frappe. The mint Oreo wasn’t as good as the regular Oreo frappe my mom got, but mine matched my nails so it was all worth it. The fries here are just so O.O.C. good, and they offer malt vinegar to dip them in, which I find to be so considerate.

Sorry, but I just love hamburgers, which stems back to my days as a fatty. Do you know of any restaurants or fast food places with really good burgers/fries.


2 thoughts on “UBurger

  1. I would never be able to sacrifice burgers either. I don’t know if you have them over there, but Five Guys is my absolute favorite place.

    P.S: Is that Mint Candy Apple by Essie on yo nails?? ; )

  2. Yes, Five Guys is amazing! They definitely have better burgers, but UBurger has better fries. I’m such a connoisseur of fast food…

    Good eye! Mint Candy Apple it is- my all time favorite nail polish color.

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