A Blonde, A Brunette, and a Red Head Walk Into a Bar…

…and only the blonde gets hit on!

Just kidding, but she probably does get hit on first.

Let me elaborate. Thanks to my amazing hair stylist, Kait, I have been a blond, brunette, and a red head, twice each (she’s amazing because I’m not bald), so I’m one of few that really knows which color has the most fun (which is directly related to how many free drinks you get).

That black thing in my hands is a dog.

I have conjured up a theory about hair color that literally everyone agrees with… so if you don’t you’re unequivocally wrong.

Theory: When you see a blonde, you automatically think they are attractive, then you assess the face and make a decision. When you see red hair, you automatically think unattractive, and then you assess the face. When you see brown hair you make no snap judgements and assess the whole package at once.

Just let that marinate, and I’ll see you tomorrow.

6 thoughts on “A Blonde, A Brunette, and a Red Head Walk Into a Bar…

    • you should consider yourself lucky that you know you should stick w one color… i keep changing mine every 6 months cuz i can’t decide on what i like the best (i feel like this says something bad about my personality…)

    • thanks! i’ve been a ginger the longest, and then i went blonde..which was fun, except people really did treat me like an idiot. any time i’d make a joke people thought i was being ditzy, and i had to be like ‘oh, no that was actually a really funny joke you missed out on.’ I had to go back to red because I was sick of being treated like a stripper!

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