Vegan Red Velvet Pancakes

Last night I tried to make these vegan red velvet pancakes with vegan cream cheese icing.

A recipe from the lovely vegan food blog (you should look at it, she has some really cool recipes and beautiful pictures), Chocolate Covered Katie. Now, I’m sure these pancakes would be delicious if I were a vegan who is used to eating..I don’t know, sticks and berries and tofu…but I’m not. Now, I used to be a vegetarian, so I know that those fake meats don’t really taste like meat, but they’re better than nothing. So, I’m sure to vegans tofutti cream cheese icing is better than nothing. I get that….

This brings me to a rant. I cannot stand when vegans say “oh, this tastes just like (insert delicious animal product), you won’t even miss the real thing!”


I am not an infant who doesn’t know what a hamburger is. I have had meat before, so you can’t convince me that mushed up vegetable and tofu tastes like cow. Don’t poop in my mouth and tell me it’s chocolate! (I’ve been waiting to use that one for a while).

If you want to say to me, “look, it doesn’t taste like (animal product), but it’s edible once you get used to it,” I’ll take that. I mean, I love Tasti D’Lite, but only because I know it’s diet-friendly, not because I prefer it over ice cream that’s main ingredient isn’t air.

Anyway, this recipe was edible, but I just don’t like vegan food. Also, I like my pancakes with chocolate chips and bacon in them, so you can see how this just wouldn’t taste the same for me (seriously, put some bacon in your pancakes next time.. bacon, apples, and goat cheese. TRUST ME ON THIS ONE).


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