Obsessed With: Teasing Brush

I wish I could get back the handful of minutes that I’ve wasted desperately trying to figure out how to install a Bump-it in my hair.

Something way more user friendly than my Christmas Tree Shop brand knock-off Bump-it are teasing brushes. This one is from Sally’s Beauty Supply for $4.99. If you’re unsure how to use it, watch this video…

…wait, wait! I’m just kidding. The video is 9 straight minutes of watching this girl severely damage her hair. What I do suggest is you put it on and then fast forward to every minute point and just watch the evolution of NathalieDoll’s locks. I’d also like you to watch her technique so you know what not to do. Some other video highlights to look out for: when she puts body lotion in her hair and the photo montage at the end. I’ll wait right here for you.

How was it? Terrifying, right!? Every time she grabbed her hair and started teasing from the middle I clenched my bum! I’m not making fun of this girl, I’m just concerned!

Also, now that I’ve let the shock settle of watching her put body lotion in her hair, I feel like it might be a good-ish idea. It seems to be like when you put toothpaste on a zit. It’s probably better to just buy Clearasil or anti-frizz serum, but ya know, in a pinch.

Excuse me while I spend the rest of my day watching all of NathalieDoll’s videos.


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