Say a Little Prayer for Courtney Cox and David Arquette

I implore you, American public, to say a little prayer for Courtney and David. When these two were married, they were hardly on my radar, but since David was on Oprah, I’m all about him, and I’m really pulling for these two kids to work it out. I just feel like they compliment each other so well- he pulls the stick out of her butt, and then she hits him with it when he’s out of line and acting like a man-child (btw my new favorite phrase is “man-child.” Expect to hear more about all my favorite man-children in the near future). Let’s all just send some positive vibes their way (and while you’re at it send some to Mr. and Mrs. Affleck… not that they’re in any marital trouble, but any extra support is great because if they ever divorced it would BREAK ME).

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