Things That Bother Me Right Now…

…in no particular order.

Except for number 1. I’m sure this is what is annoying me most right now, though the other things I can’t scientifically and accurately categorize.

1. Olivia Munn. This lady wouldn’t bother me so much if she weren’t constantly being billed as a comedian.

If you haven’t heard the term, you are probably at least familiar with the idea of being “comedy pretty.” You know, how someone like Amy Poehler is totally adorable and compared to another comedian, say, Phyllis Diller, is a total hottie.

As an aspiring comedian, “comedy pretty” is an idea I completely rely on, which is why Olivia Munn is currently annoying me.

If this girl keeps calling herself a comedian and posing in her underwear while she “plays video games,” there is literally no hope for me. “Comedy pretty” won’t be a thing anymore.  Women in comedy will just have to be pretty-pretty. It just plays into this little boy fantasy- you can have a hot girl who is also funny! and loves video games! and is half asian! Little boys, don’t be fooled! Olivia Munn is just hot and half asian- I promise you she doesn’t actually sit in her underwear playing old school Mario Brothers.

2. Red Velvet Cake. Don’t get me wrong, I love red velvet cake. However, lately it’s really been pissing me off. Seriously, red velvet cake- all you are is chocolate cake with red food coloring! It’s not some new cake flavor. People, don’t you dare go to some cupcake place and get red velvet over all those other flavors because all you’re getting is chocolate cake, and I know you know what that tastes like.

3. People in coffee shops who sit in front of the only outlet, but aren’t using a computer. I realize this is very nit-picky because when I don’t have a computer on me in a cafe, outlets never cross my mind…but still!

4. After you make a comment on something on Facebook, and you get an email notification every time someone comments after you. I’ve said my piece-now I don’t care anymore, Facebook!

5. Lindsay Lohan’s latest tweets. They’re all just ads, now. Don’t insult me like this, Lohan. I know you have legal bills, but I just ask that you show your remaining fans some respect… we’re hanging on by a thread here.

6. That computer commercial (PC I think) where the family comes home to all their stuff stolen, except for their crappy computer. First, if you see that your house has been broken into, you don’t go inside with your kid! What if the burglars are still in there? Second, ALL your stuff has been stolen! Now is not the time to replace the ONE thing that wasn’t stolen! You need a new TV before you get a new laptop! Idiots!

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