Obsessed With: Sour Jack’s

I’m not much of a candy person. I didn’t go to the candy store that often as a child and buy a big bag of candy- don’t get me wrong, I was still a fat kid, I just would have preferred a two pound bag of french fries, not Swedish Fish.

The only kind of candy I think is worth  wasting calories on are sour candies- sour belts being my favorites. Just the right amount of sour, and the belt design allows for adequate, but not overbearing chewiness.

Usually, I don’t like those little sour peach rings, or watermelon sour gummies, but recently in the dollar aisle at Target I found these watermelon gummies that just went above and beyond.

Sour Jack's Watermelon

Sour Jack’s Watermelon- the sourness is exactly to my liking, and the artificial watermelon flavor is just like that of a Jolly Rancher, which I tend to like better than real watermelon (the fruit should consider adding corn syrup to their recipe. I think that’s the key).

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