Target GO International

GO International

One of my favorite things are the designer GO International lines for Target. One problem is a lot of the good stuff goes really fast, but next week Target is relaunching some popular pieces from the past five years from designers like Zac Posen and Rodarte. I checked out the dresses they’ll be rereleasing- eh. None of them were dresses I missed out on. I bought my Katy Perry-esque dress by Rodarte when it first came out, so the rest is irrelevant to me.

Teen Vogue agrees that my Rodarte leopard print dress is cute.

Side note, my mom actually picked this dress out for me. She said, “DARA! DARA! Look at this dress- it’s a Katy Perry dress! Try the Katy Perry dress on!” On the rack it looked like all sorts of Snookie, but when it’s on it’s all fashion-y class. Thank goodness for my mom’s random affinity for Katy Perry because this is now one of my favorite pieces.


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