Obsessed With: Dry Shampoo

One step closer to a day where we never have to shower again.

I’ve heard that people in France wash their hair, like, once a week. I’ve never been to France, but I can’t imagine that if I lived there, I would suddenly be okay with walking around with greasy hair. Is it a perception thing? Is greasy hair sexy there? Seriously, if I wake up after not having washed my hair the day before I will take a shower just to go to the gym. I can’t inflict the sight of my greasy hair on the general public.

However, since I discovered this little gem last year, I can go a whole day and a fourth without shampooing. Tresemme Dry Shampoo! I used to use baby powder when I was younger, but hi, you end up wreaking of baby butt. I then tried Oscar Blandi’s dry powder shampoo. It works alright but you end up smelling like a car air freshener. By far the best of the dry shampoo is by Tresemme. It’s a spray, so you don’t end up with powder all over you, and it works so well- gives you all kinds of volume and absorbs the oil like a spray on paper towel.


One thought on “Obsessed With: Dry Shampoo

  1. I’m quite fond of this product as well. I wouldn’t say it totally takes the place of shower shampoo but it does drastically reduce the ickiness factor if time is of the essence.

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