PostADay in 2011

I’m starting a challenge today called PostADay in 2011 through WordPress. There is no real reason for this… You don’t win any prizes…. so I guess it’s…to see if I can do it? Eh, I dunno, it’s something to do!

I’ve wanted to blog more, anyway and actually telling everyone about it might keep me honest.

Plus, I feel so Julie and Julia!

Should I find a cookbook to cook through? Or I could live like Jesus for a year like that guy did in The Year of Living Biblically? When I figure it out I’ll let you know. Really, I just want a book deal! If you have any ideas let me know… ’cause guuuuuyyys, I really wanna a book deallllll! And a movie! And I want Meryl Streep to play me however age inappropriate that may be!

Meh, nevermind… I’m just going to post every day about completely unnecessary and frivolous things.


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