Obsessed With: Clinique Acne Solutions


Clinique Acne Skin Care System, $32.50


Brace yourself, you guys. I’m about to get real, here.

Acne! Ewww!

I’ll admit, when I was in middle school, my skin was really bad (not to let one part of my body have all the attention, I also had a perm, purple glasses, braces, and was just overall a Chubs McGee). Eventually, it got better, but now that I’m an adult I still have some trouble.

There is nothing I envy more than girls who, after a night of partying, are just like, “ehhhh, I’m too tired to wash my face!” and just fall asleep with all their makeup on. This is so unfair!!! If I do this I’ll wake up straight up pizza faced and I have to spend the next week with my head over bucket of hot water steaming out my pores!

What does seem to help my face if I use it religiously is the Clinique Acne Solutions Kit. It comes with foam cleanser, toner, and acne lotion.  It’s Proactiv for grown ups! It’s nice because you can discretely buy it at the Clinique counter, (which makes me feel like a fancy lady) instead of buying it at a Kiosk in the mall (because the only thing you should be buying at a Kiosk in the mall are clip in ponytails and sparkly hair clips from Korean ladies).

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