Nars and Bare Minerals Blush

For the past few years I’ve been a big bronzer girl, but ever since the movie 500 Days of Summer I started to consider maybe there was still room in my Caboodle for a little blush.


Spring Time Baby Angel, Zooey Deschanel

Look at this little spring time baby angel!!! So fresh faced and gorgeous! It’s like she just came inside for pink lemonade after playing with bunnies and baby deer wearing a daisy crown- her little cheeks kissed by the sun.

To try to get the sweet spring time baby angel look, I bought the NARS Orgasm blush, which has been said to be the color that looks good on everyone.

But, ack! $27 dollars!?

A slightly less expensive version of the classic is the Bare Minerals Vintage Peach blush, which looks just like the NARS version, except only $18! Even better than the $9 savings, when you bump into an acquaintance of your mom at a Starbucks and she asks you what blush you use you don’t have to say “ORGASM!”


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2 thoughts on “Nars and Bare Minerals Blush

  1. i’m creepin on your blog, but i’m glad you love vintage peach! i own both and they really are identical. AND in regards to your more recent post, if you go to bed with bareminerals on you won’t wake up with a pizzaface cause it doesn’t have the binders or fillers that your pressed blushes have 🙂

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