Lululemon sweatshirt, $138

I lived in Chicago for a few months this year in the fall, and it seemed like everyone was walking around in work out clothes when the weather was nice. I love work out clothes so this was fantastic. Sometimes I would walk around in my yoga pants and track sweatshirts even if I had no intentions of working out that day. I love work out clothes for a number of reasons: 1. I love stretchy pants- they accommodate fluctuating weight so well! 2. Wearing sneakers- it’s ideal because I can wear my old lady orthotics. 3. The image- wearing work out clothes says “look at me! Look at my active lifestyle! I run my errands while I drink a 6 dollar protein shake! I run on the treadmill while I listen to dance music on my iPhone!”

That last one sounded sarcastic. I wish it was.

Lululemon gym bag, $98

These Lululemon work out clothes are a nice way to add to your fabulous image. Personally, I can’t afford $98 yoga pants, but I hope to one day have enough disposable income that I can spend it frivolously on clothes that I will sweat in.

Lululemon astro pant, $98



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