Haute Chocolate

haute chocolate

haute chocolate
Today the sky is dumping over 12 inches of snow in New England, and all I want is hot chocolate in all mediums (like the hot cocoa cupcakes and ice cream). However, I’m working on one of my 2011 resolutions to eat better and blah blah healthy, not skinny blah blah so I’m doing a bit of a cleanse by not eating sugar, processed foods, etc. So I’m getting all cozied up next to a space heater with a book, a nice cup of water, and some grilled chicken. Once I’ve decided I’ve had enough of eating half a sweet potato, animal protein, and kale for every meal, I really want caffeinated cocoa and the pink hot chocolate frother above. I don’t think Swiss Miss cocoa is all that great, but I imagine if I had a frother my Swiss Miss would look way fancier, and how cute a food or drink looks is an enormous factor in how much I like them (like babies!…. #jkallbabiesareangels).

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