Since I still have under two hours before the first week in 2011 ends, I thought I would mention some of my resolutions for the new year. At the moment I have, I dunno, upwards of 15 resolutions, so I will spare you the personal ones that read like quotes from your old AIM profile circa ’02 (“Dance like no one is watching! Love like you’ve never been hurt! <3”) and just share the fun, frivolous ones.

One of my big problems is that I buy these cool, fashion-y pieces and then never wear them (guys, my lyfe is so hard!!!). When I pick them out in the store I have such big dreams for them (The fabulous parties! The dates in trendy restaurants! Oh, the wonderful things you’ll see, Betsey Johnson Dress!) and then I just end up circulating the same 3 outfits all year. Well, no more!  My resolution is to start wearing all the clothes, shoes, and accessories that I never or rarely wear.

The lonely Juicy Couture shoes that sit neglected in their box.

I can’t just put it on and watch Sex and the City reruns by myself, either. I have to go find the fabulous parties and dates to wear these poor forgotten souls just like I promised them at the store. Like this sad sparkly blazer:

This Silence and Noise blazer's sparkles start to dim from sadness caused by my irresponsible neglect.

I told her she’d see NYE parties, and instead I’ve only worn her here. That’s just not fair. The items in this closet are about to see the life they were destined to lead.

You can only see the top of my closet because my mom would be soooo mad if I showed you how messy the floor looked.

Which brings me to my other resolution- clean and organize my closet!

To recap:

1. Wear all unworn still-nice clothes.

2. Find fancy parties and dates to wear them to!

3. Organize closet.

I’ll take pictures and blog about it!

…..provided I actually accomplish any of these things.

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