First Post!

Welcome to my blog, Brunch For Every Meal! If you’re reading this, you’re probably either someone who had nothing better to do than to click on one of the many links I incessantly post on Facebook or you are my mom.

If you’re confused as to what this blog might be about, well it’s hard to describe. I can tell you, though, that if you really like brunch, you will probably enjoy half-reading this blog while you watch The Millionaire Matchmaker. I know this because if you appreciate brunch and believe in its ideals of unapologetic fancy-shmancy-ness, the right to order pancakes even if you don’t get out of bed til noon, and judgement-free drinking of champagne before 3pm… then you might like the blog written by someone who also believes in those things.

I’ll be writing about fun things that brunch-y people enjoy such as food, fashion, interior decorating, cooking, entertaining, etc.

So, let’s say that this:

and this:

and these women:

had a child and then let me adopt it… it would be this blog. Theme-wise, I mean. I’m not saying this blog could ever reach the level of awesome that the baby of pancakes, fashion, and Tina Fey would be at. I’m just someone who loves brunch, I’m not God.

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